Q) What is the deadline to submit all my materials?

A) From the date we first respond to your application you have TWO WEEKS to complete the process and submit to us for review. Our increasing volume of applications now dictates thats we must enforce our application process deadlines. Please be ready to complete all steps of the process before you apply. Failure to complete all steps within two weeks will cause your date to be released back to the general public. If you are unsure how to proceed or have questions about it, please reach out to us directly BEFORE submitting an application.

Q) What are the hours available when applying to have an event at the PopUp?

A) The PopUp is closed on Sunday and Monday and is not available for events or office hours. Tuesday through Thursday event hours are 12 pm to 9pm. Friday and Saturday the event hours are 12 pm to 10pm. Weekday morning event hours are available on a case by case basis. We also reserve the right to adjust times as we see necessary or for special events.

Q) Will the space be prepared ahead of time for our event?

A) No, our goal is to guide and develop skill sets and good practices for the various genres of programming here. That often means insisting that you take all aspects of your event seriously from setting up seating to the actual performance. The PopUp staff shouldn’t be counted on to act as your personal staff.

Q) Is there parking available?

A)  The Worcester PopUp does not have or offer event parking, However you are welcome to contact building property management at PropertyManagement@worcesterbdc.com to inquire about availability and rental cost of parking lot. Event programmers should reach out directly to the Property Management. If there is space available, the cost of using the lot would be $15 per car and the cost of 2 lot attendants for a 3 hour min. Any parking inquiries should be made directly to property management at the email above. 

 Q) Can we have alcohol served?

A) As a matter of general operation,  should you request to have alcohol  served at your event, The PopUp will help advise you on how to proceed with your special one day license in accordance to state law. One months notice for alcohol request is the suggested minimum. The responsibility is on the event host to ensure that the popup has received copies of approved license and certified event bartender ID. If the PopUp and its staff do not receive confirmation in hand BEFORE the beginning of the event, alcohol will not be allowed. Please contact us directly for any specific questions.

 Q) Can I rent the space for a private event?

A) Occasionally we may offer the space up for private event rental at our discretion. If you're interested, please contact us directly. 

Q) What is the timeline you enforce with the application process? How long do you give event organizers to return their agreement form and create their Facebook/ Discover Central MA pages?

A) Completion of agreement form and submission of drafts of DCM calendar posting and facebook event must be submitted within one week of notification that your initial application has been tentatively approved. Failure to adhere to our timelines leaves you at risk of having your event postponed or cancelled.

We take these deadlines very seriously. We allow 1 week for the event host to return the signed agreement form after notice that your application has been tentatively approved. Upon acceptance of signed agreement form, we allow 1 week for the host to submit a draft of the event posting via required Facebook and Discover Central MA calendar post. If we do not receive and approve all required materials before deadline periods, your event date is subject to being open and available to other applicants. We create these deadlines to ensure that your event is receiving as much promotional time as possible and so that your event will be well attended.

Q) What percent commission do you take from art, food, and ticket sales happening during your events?

A) If the event has an entry fee or is selling artwork, the event organizer will pay 25% of sale proceeds to The Worcester Cultural Coalition. If food or small art/craft items are being sold, the event organizer is expected to pay 15% of sale proceeds to The Worcester Cultural Coalition.

Payments can be made by cash, card, or checks/money-order made payable to The Worcester Cultural Coalition.

Q) Will you promote my event on Worcester PopUp social media pages?

A) Yes, we will promote your event on our pages but keep in mind your event will not be promoted until ALL requirements have been completed. Also keep in mind that you are still responsible for promoting your event. We will assist but the responsibility is yours to ensure you have the best possible turnout.

Q) How do I add my event to the Discover Central Mass Calendar, as required?

A) Follow the link below for a step by step tutorial video.   

*The Worcester PopUp is not responsible for any injuries that may occur during voluntary participation is any physical activities during our events to include but not limited to dancing, yoga, sports, etc