The Worcester Pop Up is looking for creatives! 

The Worcester PopUP is a program of the Worcester Cultural Coalition dedicated to collaborative co-working, performance, and creative entrepreneurship. We are located in the heart of downtown Worcester Massachusetts at 20 Franklin Street, adjacent to Allen Court cut through..

The Worcester PopUP is now almost two years old and we are thrilled to have been able to help facilitate so many artists, organizations, and community planners in coming together. We are excited for even more workshops, community events, performances and opportunities to share and sell locally made creative work. If you are an artist, creative entrepreneur, organization or community member seeking a creative space to share your vision, come visit us to learn more.

Explore Worcester’s creative culture and experience our ever-changing calendar of events and classes featuring rotating art exhibits, captivating performances, and a diverse cross section of music, local pop up food bazaars, film, and other media arts. Host a workshop, stage a concert, or present a wild, staged reading of your work and let your creativity shine!


Starting Your Application Process


Get to know a bit about our space and policies before applying:

  • Our walls are 14" high and equipped with an "art rail" style hanging system. This means that work is not hung directly on the wall but suspended via steel wire from horizontal anchor points. It is best suited for work designed to hang by wire, although accommodations can be made — just make sure you inform us ahead of time.

  • The floor is sealed concrete.

  • The space is equipped to provide some standard items for use: chairs, tables, film screening/presentation equipment, kitchen space, etc. If you think you may require more, please ask us if we can be of assistance.

  • In most cases, events are offered free of charge to the public. If you have any questions about cost or fees, please contact us or stop in during regular business hours for more info.

  • We are incredibly thankful to be experiencing so much interest in our space. Please allow at least one business week for us to respond to applications. If you require more immediate attention, contact the office directly or stop in during regular office hours.

  • As we move forward, we ask that you do your best to start the application process at least two months ahead of your proposed event date(s). We need this time to prepare for your event and as a way to ensure ample time for promotion.

  • Due to our increasing volume of applications we must enforce our application process deadlines. Please be ready to complete all steps of the process before you apply. once your application is submitted, you will have a maximum of two weeks to complete all steps or your date will be released back to the general public. If you are unsure how to proceed or have questions about it, please reach out to us directly, BEFORE submitting an application.

  • We have a network of friends, businesses, and creatives that we may be able to connect you with should you be looking for more assistance or advice than we can offer. However, you are entirely responsible for any help or work you may want from them… just ask us in advance if you think you might need this kind of assistance.

  • We are here to help make your event successful. We need you to be proactive and responsive to do that. Let’s chat!

  • Due to an increase in the volume of applications we receive, we must adamantly adhere to our application process timelines. Failure to respond with required application materials in the time line we set forth WILL cancel your application, and you will lose your place. Please review all of our policies and take this seriously.


  • EVENT HOURS: Our bookable hours have been updated. We are no longer booking regularly for Sunday. Friday and Saturday event hours are capped at 10 pm and weekday event hours are capped at 9 pm

  • Parking: The Worcester PopUp does not have or offer event parking, However, you are welcome to contact building property management at to inquire about availability and rental cost of parking lot. Event programmers should reach out directly to the Property Management. If there is space available, the cost of using the lot will be $15 per car plus the cost of 2 lot attendants for a 3 hour min. Any parking inquiries should be made directly to the Property Management at the email above.

  • The Worcester PopUp does not host religious or political events.

  • Alcohol: As a matter of general operation, should you request to have alcohol served at your event, you will be required to complete all necessary steps to ensure compliance with the pertinent laws regarding distribution of alcohol at your event. The PopUp will supply you with a package containing directions and application forms required to apply for your special event license. The PopUp will not process these on your behalf but we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the steps involved. However, regardless of your compliance to state law, your event will NOT be eligible to distribute alcohol if the PopUp does not receive a copy of your special event license and copies of TIPS certification for ALL bartenders you’ve hired BEFORE your event begins..

  • A TIPS certified bartender is required.

  • Copy of special event license is required BEFORE beginning of event.

  • Private Events: Occasionally we may offer the space up for private event rental at our discretion. If you're interested, please contact us directly.

  • Full Policies: for a review of all our policies please review the event policy documents located in the footer of our website.

For booking and rental inquiries please fill out the quick Eligibility Questionnaire below before submitting a formal application.


The Eligibility Questionnaire is a required step in our application process. Applications that are submitted without the Eligibility Questionnaire will not be considered.

Eligibility Questionnaire

This questionnaire will determine which stage of the application process you are ready to complete.

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