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Brick and Mortar: PopUp Clothing Sale and Art Exhibit

Back Alley Clothing and the Worcester PopUp present “Brick and Mortar” — an in-person sale of Back Alley Clothing’s line of merchandise along with a one-day exhibit of artist Alli Jutras’s work.

Back Alley Clothing is a clothing company specializing in upcycled and artistically designed garments and was created to bring the idea of upcycling to Worcester, MA through vintage, thrifted, and custom designed clothing and art. The brand consists of pieces that are thrifted, re-worked and re-designed, and then marketed to the greater Worcester community, as well as to various fashion communities online.

Back Alley Clothing is for anyone who loves to stand out from the crowd, has an appreciation for art, holds a “DIY” mentality, or wants to wear fashionable pieces while aiming to make our planet a better place.

Alli Jutras is an artist, writer, and photographer from York, Maine and now based out of Worcester, MA.

In her artist statement, she writes:

Art, to me, is representing yourself  through any means possible. I’ve been practicing art since I was a child, and have used my passion to cope with my experiences and inner thoughts. My work is very personal to me, as it often addresses issues relating to mental health. I use art as a coping mechanism, so it is often highly reflective of my inner thoughts and feelings. Often times, art is my preferred method of communication regarding these issues.

A lot of my work incorporates mixed media and integrating found objects into my work is also a common practice of mine. My surroundings are a huge inspiration for my work, and I generate a lot of ideas from my Worcester and York, Maine communities.

My art is still growing and revolving, just like me. The risk taking never stops and the opportunities are endless.

For more information, check out Back Alley Clothing on Instagram and Facebook. Also, find Alli Jutras’s work on Facebook or on her website.