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Musical Robotics

In this exhibit, we traverse sonic territory that becomes accessible through robotic musical vehicles. The ensemble, designed and built by WPI’s Music, Perception and Robotics Lab and expressive Machines Musical Instruments (EMMI), consists of a variety of autonomous string and percussion instruments. Each is able to generate its own musical patterns, either in isolation or in reaction to their other machines (none of the material is pre-composed). The group occasionally turns its collective eye towards its human voyeurs, inviting them to congregate, disperse, or interact with interfaces found in the room. Musically, the sonic output explores rhythmic, harmonic, and timbral textures that combine, interfere, synchronize, separate, grow, diminish, and unify. Listeners and watchers are invited to wonder about the limits of human cognition in the midst of mechanic capabilities; about the expression of emotion through musical agents that can’t feel; about the relationship between performers and audiences when the two are separated by unidirectional glass.

Earlier Event: July 13
Mellow Vibes Open Mic
Later Event: July 17
Vinyasa Flow Yoga