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Words You Can See

A series of Hip-Hop music videos by various artists from Worcester and surrounding areas screened on a projector. Each video will have an introduction by the artist breaking down the lyrics and conception of the song and video, educating attendees to some of the legwork that goes into creating their art.

All ages event [parental discretion advised due to language]

Free entry!

Hosted by: DOS


JoE GriZzLy

Cyrus tha Great Cyrus Alexander

Yo Daddy Doe Derek Ydd Craig

Haze Xavier Andreu

DannyFantom Velazquez

Ghost of the Machine

Death Over Simplicity

Disclaimer: The Worcester PopUp is a creative co-working space of the Worcester Cultural Coalition in partnership with The Barr Foundation. This event is not sponsored by, nor does it necessarily reflect the views of the Worcester Cultural Coalition.