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Floetic Fridays Presents: Em(body)ed Ways of Knowing

Our vision for this gathering is to co-curate an experience that centers the concept of bodies--not simply as physical entities but as sources of knowledge and representations of our social realities. In conversation and practice, our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are often disconnected from each other. So, in the process of reclaiming our bodies, we hope to illuminate how these are all powerfully intertwined when we care for ourselves and our communities. 

On an external level, we ask you to not only consider how physical health and self-care are associated with your body, but also how your physical appearance/presentation impacts your self-perception and social interactions. In what ways do you resist violent, predetermined perceptions and claim your agency to exist freely? How do your mind and body interact with each other? Both have their respective limitations and unique powers, but are in constant interplay nonetheless. 

With this Floetic Fridays, we believe that by engaging in practices of physical and emotional nurturing on an individual level, we can enact the same kind of change in our relationships and larger systems. We recognize that our experiences and bodies shape different understandings of care and health. However, by uplifting and validating these interpretations, we can both learn through differences and find ways to connect deeply. 

For nearly two years, Floetic Fridays events have sought to support the voices and narratives of marginalized folks through creative expression. This March, our aim is two-fold: to offer a platform for storytelling and art-sharing and to collaborate more directly with our community in exploration of this theme. To disrupt the traditional performer-audience dynamic, everyone will be invited to actively engage in this learning process. In the early afternoon in the Fireside Lounge at Dana Commons, Worcester folks and Floetic organizers will be facilitating workshops and dialogues according to their personal interpretations of “bodies”. This will also be a space to create art and form new connections. In the evening at Worcester PopUp, Floetic Fridays organizers and artists will host a performance segment and visual arts viewing session. We want you to absorb all that you can and walk away with something new—a new friend, a new perspective, a new motivation, a new practice, a new radical idea.

Earlier Event: March 20
The Fitness Marshall Dance Workout
Later Event: March 25
Vinyasa Yoga Flow