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Carnaval, An Art Exhibit.

Come down during office hours to explore the pictured world of Carnival.

Art Exhibit: Carnaval Wedding Celebration In Oaxaca Mexico. Carnaval is a joyous fun filled event for families and visitors to San Martine Tilcajete. In this region, largely inhabited by the Zapotec people there have always been three recognized genders: male, female and muxe. The faux wedding celebration occurring during Carnaval includes a representation of the three genders. A muxe is someone born male but develops the aesthetics, work and social skills of a woman. In this town gender fluidity has been recognized and accepted for at least 2500 years by its Zapotec residents. The Zapotec think that gender or sexual orientation is in God's hands. They are as accepting of nonbinary as they are of cisgender people. Many of the photos are of the transformation from young man to beautiful bride. Grandparents, parents and siblngs participate in the transformation. With a great deal of humor, love, patience and high spirits this tradition, which began when the Spaniards came to Mexico in the 1500s continues today.

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