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Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/ Justine Rovezzi

 Join The Worcester PopUp for a selection of drop-in Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes. classes are typically between 75 and 90 minutes and are tailored to group skill level from beginner to advanced participant. Participants are required to provide their own mats , blocks, and straps. Make new friends, network, and enhance your well being in one of three scheduled drop in classes al while supporting a local entrepreneur. 

Christopher Peña is a Wellness Mentor, Yoga Lover, Fitness Enthusiast, and Mindfulness Practitioner. After Growing up in Pepperell, Ma. studying Management, as well as, Finance by the shores of Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. Beginning his Career in the corporate world with grit and determination. Creating work spaces that promoted development, leadership, and open-communication; with a future bright, full of growth and opportunity.

Christopher is on vacation for several dates, please welcome Justine Rovezzi as she leads this class while Christopher is away. 


Hosted by Justine Rovezzi