Alli’s Top 7 Creative Spaces in Worcester

If you live in Worcester, you probably love the city for the number of creative opportunities it offers community members. I personally love how I have multiple options per week to attend gallery openings, artist talks, or other creative cultural events. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite places in the city for creative enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a way to spend your Friday night or Saturday afternoon, I’m sure there’s something on this list that will spark your interest.

* Disclaimer: This list is a compilation of my (Alli’s) favorite creative places and spaces in Worcester. If your favorite wasn’t listed, chances are I either haven’t been to it, or have but don’t have enough experience to talk about it! Comment what your favorite space is if it wasn’t listed - I’m always trying to further educate myself on what Worcester has to offer!


1.) Sprinkler Factory

Believe it or not, I’ve been living in Worcester for five years now and just recently went to the Sprinkler Factory for the first time. I instantly fell in love with it, though. The space is beautiful, the employees are super kind, and the artwork is gorgeous. It’s a bit of a trek from Downtown, but it’s definitely worth the drive. I’ve been there to see one of their past shows, “Signals,” and then went again recently to see a showing of “The Room” with Greg Sestero. Always a good time, and a plus is that you can grab some Kraftea Kombucha downstairs when you visit!


2.) Arts Worcester

Arts Worcester is definitely an artist staple in the city. Their gallery space is incredible and they have so many great opportunities for artists. There’s always workshops and artist talks in the books, which are super fun to attend, and they support their community and members in so many different ways. Definitely worth it to check out their space and consider becoming a member!


3.) Worcester


for Crafts

It’s always a fun time at the Worcester Center for Crafts. Whether you’re looking to take a class, view art in a gallery setting, or shop the work of local artists, the Craft Center has it all! They also have plenty of outdoor space which makes summer events at their venue super fun. Whether you’re interested in photography, ceramics, glass blowing, or more, the Worcester Center for Crafts has it all.

Below is a (dated) video I made at a previous internship about the Worcester Center for Crafts! Check it out to get an inside look at what the space has to offer.

Photo taken from Trip Advisor


4.) The WorcShop

The WorcShop is super awesome makerspace in Worcester that specializes in things such as welding and blacksmithing, but also has opportunities for artists to learn a variety of other crafts. They have plenty of affordable workshops for the community and also opportunities to become a member! They also have monthly Indie Artmarts at Beatnik’s on Park Ave that features local artisans and makers. Check the next one out before the holidays!

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5.) The Worcester Art Museum

The WAM is definitely one of the coolest places in the city. It has so many incredible works of art, ranging from artists such as Monet, Gauguin, and Cassatt. The WAM is a fun space to spend a short afternoon in, or to dedicate an entire weekend to. They also have plenty of events and opportunities for artists happening within the museum, as well. Also, if you attend college in the city, you receive free admission!


6.) C.C. Lowell

CC Lowell is a great spot to pick up art supplies, shop for a card or gift, or explore information about art within the city! They have a wide range of materials available to shop from and so many cool treasures. My personal favorite product of theirs is the posters that they keep in stock. CC Lowell is the perfect place to shop for anything art-related and an awesome way to support a local Worcester business!

Fun fact: It’s also America’s oldest art store!

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Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 12.50.13 PM.png

7.) Cinema Worcester

Cinema Worcester has tons of opportunities for the community to view independent and foreign films (as well as “cult classics, family fare, and overlooked gems from cinema history” - per their website) at a low cost and in some pretty cool locations (ranging from the Park View Room to Greater Good Imperial Brewing to the Sprinkler Factory!). Films that have been shown include Amazing Grace, The Room, Wild Rose, and Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am. I’m especially excited for their director’s cut showing of Midsommar on December 7th! Check out their website for screening times and more information about the organization.

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How to Gain Event Momentum

Getting your event approved for the PopUp is easy. It’s free, no hassle, and we’re always here to answer your questions.

But how do you actually get people to show up to your event? That part can be a little tricky.

The #1 thing you can do to gain attraction for your event is promotion.

This means frequently posting on social media, putting up event flyers, and interacting with people who might be interested in attending.

Are you a student? Advertising at your school can be super effective. Most schools have ways of broadcasting upcoming events and getting yourself on that list can bring your event to the attention of thousands of people.

If you’re not a student, tabling at a nearby school or handing our flyers can also help spread awareness.

Let’s break things down a little, though. Having a creative, fun flyer with a catchy name or slogan is also a great way to boost interest. Use attention-grabbing and bright colors, make the title of your event big and legible, and put in short but concise text about your event. No one wants to read a paragraph of tiny font on a piece of paper.

The posters below are great examples of fun and creative designs that work well to advertise events.

Another thing you can do is create a hashtag for your event. Something that represents you, your organization, or your event. Use the hashtag to promote your content leading up to the event and on the day of, encourage your attendees to take photos and include your hashtag as well. If you plan on having events in the future, maybe use a hashtag that could apply to those as well. That way when people search for your future event, there’s already existing examples of some.

Partnering with an organization can also help your event gain traction. If you’re just starting out your organization or business venture and don’t have a big following yet, reach out to other organizations in the community who might be interested in collaborating with you. Community partnerships are an effective way to boost your following and garner the interest of other community members.

On the day of your event, leave our chalkboard/sandwich board on the sidewalk with a visible message (to catch the attention of passerby), put some fun music on through our bluetooth speakers, and have fun! Even if you don’t have the turnout you expected, it’s a way for you to learn through your experience and apply your knowledge to the next event.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply to host your event today!

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 2.38.40 PM.png

Our Space: A Blank Canvas

Happy Fall y’all! I’m so excited to finally be getting this post up.

I wanted to go through the PopUp’s camera and post some of our photos from our summer and fall event programming. This will give our followers a look at what our events are like, as well as ideas to what type of events are hosted in our space!

I like to look at the PopUp as a sort of blank canvas. We provide the space and equipment for you to host whatever event you’d like: we have blank walls for exhibitions, moving display carts for additional exhibition space, a drop drop projector screen, chairs, pedestals, tables, a moving bar, and more. These tools are available to anyone who wishes to host an event with us, the only catch is that event hosts are required to set up and break down whatever they choose to use.

Our space, your canvas. What will you choose to do with it?